Second day with Feature Pack 8

Today I tried to look into the new functionality for B2B users.
The first thing I realized after some testing was that I used the wrong store. I published the AuroraStoreFrontAssetStore from ExtendedSites section that we usually use. And none of the functionality was present. Seemed strange and I couldn't see any other sars in that section that applied to the new store. So naturally I checked the installation files so I hadn't missed something during the faults shown during the install process.

After some checking I returned and read the descriptions and realized that under Default the new Aurora.sar was present and that one gave you functionality for both B2B and B2C and you could specify if it should be installed separately or in an ExtendedSites configuration.

Now that I have all the code in place I put up the organization structure 3 levels deep and gave three users the roles we usually work with in our customer installations. Namely "Seller Administrator", "Buyer Administrator" and "Organization Participant". With this I wanted to see how these roles where reflected in the store front. I quickly realized that OrgPart and SellerAdmin didn't make any changes to the GUI if you just gave them to arbitrary organizations in the structure. But the BuyerAdmin got many new features.

First you get a function to search by lastname to find a user and buy on behalf on that user. Secondly you could add new buyers and edit or add new organizations or users.
Other things you could change are roles on users for organizations down the structure. You can't change roles on user on the organizations you are buyer administrator for but for the organization children of these organizations you could change roles assignment.

Another interesting fact is that you could choose to buy on behalf of another user, and then you change all the GUI items so you actually become that user. But you can't easily setup and change what organization used during shopping. Or that might be handled by a different role.

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